One of the driving forces in your work life is achieving satisfaction. And it isn’t always easy to hold on to when you’re operating at warp speed. More often than not, you experience a sense of not being enough. Or even wondering: “Is this all there is?”

Since this is such a pervasive attitude, I intend to share some of the best lessons I’ve learned along the way to experiencing satisfaction and fulfillment. Some of them may be what will transform your slice of the world. 

Regret: Building satisfaction over unaddressed regret is unachievable. Oh, you’ve doubtlessly buried the sting along with the stinger, but something unsavory remains. Pull out the poison hidden in the event.

It’s time to face any subtle, unconscious emotions holding you down.

Exactly how?

  • Ask yourself what you could have done differently or better? Gain the expertise, overcome the anger issue that led you astray, learn to pause before steamrolling through, care about others…. Whatever is at the root of regret, clean it up and use it as an opportunity to upgrade who you are. Next time around the bend, when you run into something similar—and believe me, you will—you’ll be better, and you’ll do better.
  • Is there anyone I need to clean up the mess with now? Who comes to mind for you? Is it a customer, a peer, one of your staff, or even your boss? Go to them. Share your regret. Tell them who you wish you’d been in the situation and who you intend to be in the future. Find out if there is anything else they need from you to reconcile the situation. And MOVE ON! 

I haven’t identified every wound of regret you have. Probe for any other areas of remorse. I do know that as you walk across or over those small or large unresolved issues, you diminish your satisfaction with every step taken. That isn’t what I want for you… nor do I believe it is what you desire either. No. You’d prefer feeling good about yourself more often than not!

Fluidity In Planning: Rarely does everything go the way you thought it would. Invariably satisfaction doesn’t travel an effortless path. You’re sure to face a sense of failure, even a lowering of your spirit somewhere along the way.

Intrepid travelers know this is all part and parcel of achieving a victorious career. What do I recommend you do in the middle of disappointment? I like saying, in a surprised, excited tone to myself: “Oh, I didn’t know this is what it was going to look like on my way to ….”

And then, don’t toss out all your planning and strategizing because you slam into resistance. Instead, this is an opportunity to make incremental or even significant changes to your plan, making it even better. That’s where satisfaction comes from—not with everything running smoothly—rather, it’s in your recovery and improvement capacity! 

Go The Extra Mile: There is usually an easy way to achieve your goal or a more arduous pathway. Yes, you all know that I’m the coaching queen of effortless, so this may surprise you. If the hard path is a bit slower yet it provides the opportunity to acquire a new, higher-level skill or offers you foundational expertise or has you working with authorities you admire, take it. The deepening of your belief in self will pay off hugely in the end. So, don’t shoot off the moment you spy a posted sign large and proud, flashing “EFFORTLESS.” Pause. Consider your options before you take off like a bat out of you know where. It may not be the right action to grab hold of right now.

Do any one of these three tips resonate with you? Don’t merely think they’re good, incorporate one or more for yourself.

I wish you fulfillment in every area of your life, particularly in your profession. Where it often appears more like the ocean’s tide ebbing and flowing. Isn’t it time to identify and secure your satisfaction so you can experience it day after day?