Meet Nancy Fredericks

Nancy Fredericks

My passion, expertise, and energy are all directed toward empowering executive women. For over 30+ years, I’ve been a Strategic Executive Coach for women. 

What I know to be true is that there are plenty of reasons for us to celebrate. Women have far more power and influence in business than ever before. We’re CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. We’ve launched successful businesses. We’ve become umpires in fields everyone saw as entirely male bastions. We have role models, as never before, that help women identify steppingstones for success. 

Yet, for all of this, so many women are not even close to realizing parity as yet. Some are frustrated, others disheartened. And, oh boy, do I understand. I’m mad as all get out with this situation too.   

I also know that what generates rewarding careers for women today is a moving target with new rules and techniques. 

I’m committed to assisting executive women. And I’ve been highly successful for many to live a THRIVING, FULFILLING career. 

In many cases, all that was necessary was to unlock the secret rules of business engagement, and off my clients went to conquer their slice of the world. Others required strategic tactics they never considered to reach their desired outcomes. Some simply needed to get how powerful they really are to gain the momentum and confidence necessary to lead. 

Everyone is unique. And I know what everyone on a leadership track understands—no one can reach the top alone. 

If you’re looking to achieve more out of your career, I’d love for you to schedule a no-obligation strategic call with me.

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