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Thrive with Nancy FredericksOne of the most experienced women’s thought leaders today – Nancy Fredericks – known for generating candid, lively, content-rich dialogue for career-changing “Aha’s.”

When & Where:

Location: We meet on Zoom once a month for 90-minutes.
If you have any questions, email me.
When: Ongoing, first Wednesday of every month…
10:00 a.m., MT to 11:30 a.m., MT….
First Month FREE…. $125 a month with a minimum of
six-month commitment CLICK HERE

What to Expect:

It’s hard to become your best when you don’t feel you have a safe space to be heard. And at this point in your career, you need to be your best. This program provides the environment to ask the tough questions you always want to be answered.

It accelerates women’s progress in becoming the best version of themselves through a dynamic community of like-minded professional women from various companies all over the country supporting, holding one another accountable, and committed to excellence.

Content intended to transform you into the leader you want to be, whatever position you hold.

    • Lead Your Career During Uncertainty.
    • Overcoming the Tough Leaders/ Subordinates/ Peers in your life.
    • Get Your Career on Track in the Middle of Chaos.
    • Identify and Refine Blind spots that Do Harm
    • Gain Your Authentic Leadership Presence For a Powerful Career
    • Real-Life Strategies for Balancing Your Life
    • Establish A Lasting Foundation of Confidence
    • Get Out Of The Trenches And Into Strategy
    • Become All You Are And Envision


  • Participate in a confidential supportive community to overcome your work and career challenges
  • Unlimited Access to Nancy. You have a coach in your back pocket to meet your needs
  • We simplify your complex challenges through practical, workable solutions
  • 90-minute monthly LIVE  interactive sessions with Nancy and other MasterMinders
  • Ability to schedule One-on-One Strategic Goaching  at a discounted rate.
  • Guest experts periodically joining the call
  • FREE six-month Women’s Rules of Engagement Online Program ($497 Value)

Thrive@Work MasterMind
is an ongoing women’s executive community with a six-month commitment for $125/month

If you’re interested in registering more than one executive woman, contact

OR First Month FREE Special Link….$125 a month with a minimum of six-month commitment CLICK HERE

“Thanks for always pushing and encouraging me, the “Nancy nuggets” always seem to float to the front of my mind just when I need them. Look forward to the next Thrive call!”  – Director Human Resources

“Thank you, Nancy, for giving me the courage and know-how to go after the career that works for me. I never thought it was possible.” – J.C.

“Thank you so much for all you do – you have certainly helped spark a light in me that I didn’t know existed!” – L.L.

“Thank you for providing such clear, practical,  and actionable advice for re-engaging my team. This both shed light on what the issue is (unclear roles and commitment to enacting them) and gave me language to seek resolution.” – L.A.

“It is official! I received the promotion. I am beyond thrilled, proud, excited. You name it and I am feeling it. I can’t thank you enough for your insight and coaching, you really changed the way I approached this situation and it was just the shift in energy that I needed to make this all a reality. We did it!” – A.S.

“Your training continues to change my “work life” for the better! When I start to steer the wrong way, I hear your coaching in my head.  I’ll say to myself, Stop it! You KNOW better!

“To me, that’s what is the most valuable … to recognize the “right answers” and stop when you know you are letting your emotions drive you in a way that is NOT helpful to your career in the long run”. – J.P.

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