This phrase resonates in my heart and mind as I acknowledge all the goodness and opportunities coming my way. And, boy, does it intensify the light and joy all around me.

No wonder the great wisdom gurus of our time… and in times past… exalt gratefulness as an added value attitude. It’s an expansive outlook. The world around you gets better and better in every way as you recognize all that you’re grateful for.

It’s a choice.

In no way am I saying that gratitude is an easy attitude to sustain. It requires an uncompromising commitment to self and the kind of life you want to experience.

It’s an Expansion Magnifier: You can’t get around it. Fear and any other downbeat emotions limit, while gratitude multiplies. Research reveals a multiplication factor in gratitude and appreciation that increases resiliency in the face of chaos and turmoil that is all part and parcel of our world. It also enriches your life by increasing positive feelings such as happiness, joy, well-being, and contentment. 

It’s a Future Magnifier: We humans have been hardwired to hold onto negative occurrences with a far more powerful grip than the positive ones. But did you know that this viewpoint also limits your prospects? If you want a brighter tomorrow than your today, it’s time to switch this destructive perspective. When you are future-oriented (as gratitude generates), it tends to stimulate all kinds of creativity. It has you living in goals and dreams and then helps achieve them. 

It’s a Success Magnifier: Sometimes, a thriving career has a lot more to do with having your eyes open for opportunities that aren’t possible to see when you’re feeling weighed down by circumstances. Research over the past two decades, confirmed by UC Riverside, uncovered that gratitude isn’t only a pleasant emotion. It’s an energizing force that directly correlates to pursuing your goals—whether career or personal. A study by Nathaniel Lambert suggests that gratitude leads people to believe they deserve positive outcomes for themselves and are capable of achieving them.[1] Love this success attitude! 

It’s a Mindset Magnifier: As you focus on all the good entering your orb of influence, you permit your brain to absorb more goodness. This chosen frame of reference increases your awareness as more joy, peace, compassion, and contentment stick to your life like burrs. You’ll plain feel better, giving yourself a solid foundation to face the frustrations always coming your way with equanimity. 

It’s a Production Magnifier: It’s time to topple any fallacies you may have about the fear of a boss improving productivity. Research demonstrates that the opposite is a people motivator. Managers who articulate gratitude to their employees generate 50 percent higher productivity.[2] By the way, you’ll also lower your burnout rate! Additionally, it appears employees don’t proactively pitch in without being asked when they’re uncertain about the receptivity of their actions. It seems the mere expression of thanks more than doubles the likelihood that helpers will assist again.[3] 

What persona do you aspire to display to those around you? One of living a life as a victim to circumstances? Or do you choose to be the calm in the storm as you discover unexpected gifts and gratitude in every situation you encounter? I know which attitude I’m dedicated to revealing. But more importantly, who I intend to be.

I know. I know. It isn’t always easy, and it assuredly is well worth the effort!


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