Coaching!….Coaching!…Coaching! You hear it heralded throughout our corporate hallways.

No wonder, a telling study by the Association for Talent Development on accountability reveals you are10 percent more likely to complete a goal if you state it. If you commit your goals to someone else, this number rises rather dramatically—to 65 percent.  And boy-oh-boy, your achievement results soar to 95 percent when you have specific appointment times to check-in with someone (Yes, like an achievement coach!).

Not to mention, 70 percent of those coached experience improved work performance, relationships, and communication—while 80 percent report increased self-confidence. And they see 6 times the return on their investment.[1]

Wow, no wonder coaching is one of the fastest-growing business sectors.

That’s why I’m sold on the profession. I’m fortunate to witness these extraordinary results playing out in my clients’ careers as we celebrate their breakthroughs and wins.

Yes, I’m encouraging you to consider hiring a coach should you be committed to attaining a more satisfying and rewarding career. Research solidifies the advice.

I want you to know, the coaching process has been vital to my 30 + years of business success. That’s why I’ve consistently worked with experts on specific areas to become better, stronger, and more knowledgeable.

As I’m also passionately committed to assisting executive women in realizing transformed lives and careers. I don’t want to leave you empty-handed with mere statistics—no matter how powerful they are.

Let me give you one insight that will set the foundation for your more fulfilling professional future.

Don’t Take It Personally: No matter how much training Human Resources offers your organization, there are often toxic situations and executives in the workplace who make life miserable for many—including you!

You’ve probably noticed, you become irritated, offended, or even take it to heart negatively when your expectations run amuck with the realities of the business world. When these disruptions occur, you feel you’re under attack, or they’re maligning your professionalism. It’s easy to take offense.

But seriously, no matter how righteous, where is this emotion ever a career advantage to you?

  • You’re the only person you harm. So, instead, treat these unpleasant encounters as you would any other troublesome barrier to your success. Proactively game-plan actions, behaviors, and responses will smooth out the bumpy road to have you valued as the leader you are.
  • If you’re saying but: “This treatment isn’t fair and something should be done!” Great. Take a deep breath, walk away, and become the influential strategist you want your organization to recognize. Is this worth my taking issue over? If it is, the time has come to stand up for yourself, though not from an emotional frame of reference. Marshal yourself and stand up for your future self by using facts and rational reasoning to win the battle for your future self.

There’s no question that you can move your career forward through consistency and commitment. However, those at the top didn’t get there alone. No, those leaders at their professional peak were smart enough to partner with a coach to speed up their success journey.

For those of you already working with an executive coach who is expanding your career possibilities—congratulations! For those dissatisfied with their career progression, isn’t it time to get off your duff and consider taking on an executive coach as your next big career development step?

It’s your decision whether now is the time to step up your career a notch effortlessly. My desire is simple…to offer you food for thought that assists you in achieving a future that generates all you intend, whether with a coach or not.