Isn’t it ironic that so many employees concentrate on the doing portion of the success equation when attitude is far more relevant to boosting a career?

I know soft skills are challenging to incorporate into your daily work life as they are nebulous and subjective in nature, so they are difficult to check off a “to-do” list.

Yet soft skills—attitudes—are the difference-maker when it comes to leadership at every role in the organization.

Let’s face it, much of business is fixed on the daily attention of producing tangible results. Consider how many conversations you have with your boss regarding attitude compared to the number of doing related ones?

Check out four tips that will aid you in becoming an employee who thrives, but even more importantly, enjoys the new levels you attain as a result. So, isn’t it time to consider placing attention on this troublesome culprit? Perhaps, you’ll discover that a slight attitude adjustment will generate a more effortless, satisfying career for you.

Plan for Earthquakes: We all know that every day in every way, complications arise, and demands unexpectedly slam into your calendar, knocking your day sidewise. And yet, so often, when my clients are commiserating about their jampacked workloads, they’ve never actively accounted for unexpected earthquakes erupting into their day. The reality is that all of your linear “to-do” rushing around often leaves you spinning, chewing up valuable time.

What would happen if you expected and planned for the earthquakes by building gaps for the unforeseen? Yes. I know this may appear impossible. Yet, unprecedented breakthroughs in thinking occur through what emanates out of your mouth and your head.

Mindset Reprioritizing: The natural human mind—when tranquil—is a creative imagination wizard. If you’re feeling that all you’re doing is producing one project after another—take a break. Have a bit of fun. Stop rushing around. Yes. I know this is easier to say than do, but if you want to gain altitude in your career, make room to learn, think, and generate. That’s what heightens the positions you achieve.

Failing Is The Secret: Years ago, a mentor of mine, Patricia McDade, encouraged running toward problems. It’s amazing what occurs when you stop resisting failure and instead raise your chin, move forward persistently no matter the stumbles and downright falls incurred. Can you imagine the shift that would take place once you embrace that failing is an essential and transformative element of the success process?

Focus on What You Want: Have you noticed that when your eyes are on the obstacles, more appears almost as though they’re reproducing faster than rabbits. The reverse is also true. So, with this in mind, what can you conceive or imagine will happen to your career when you consciously choose to look above the daily work fray to open doors for opportunities. What world would you like to create for yourself? One that originates from hope and moving forward with optimism and strategy. Or not? Think about it because whether you believe in the power of your thoughts or not, they are determining your future.

I’m sure you’ve heard much of this before, but have you consistently practiced these 4 Gaining Altitude tips? Embracing them is you choosing to work smarter—not harder, and to realize the bigness of who you can be rather than remain small.

I hope you realize the more you lean into YOUR STRATEGIC EDGE Attitudes the more effortless your career journey will seem. Are you interested in receiving help in growing YOUR STRATEGIC EDGE? Calendar a FREE Discovery call to realize a fulfilling career.