We all see seismic marketplace shifts taking place throughout the country. Layoffs are being announced in many industry segments, while others are struggling to staff their operations fully. Such an environment discourages those with dreams in their heart and head.

So, it isn’t surprising that countless employees experiencing overwhelm and defeat decide to make life easy by going with the flow as they “quietly resign” and perform a bare minimum to receive a paycheck.

A recent 2022 YouGov poll confirms that only 30 percent of our population perceive the American Dream of believing in it and seeing it as attainable for themselves.

I challenge you. Who do you think has a chance of upgrading their life and career…the one who gives up or the one who continues to trust in and labor for a better life? What do you know is right for you?

If you choose to fight for yourself, I can’t wait to share the good news with you.

There is more opportunity than you would ever imagine in our chaotic work environment for those employees desiring to make a mark. With these corporate employee breakdowns, numerous “white spaces” exist (system and process breakdowns) where your attention can and will make improvement differences.

If this struck your mind as a treasure trove waiting to be unwrapped, I bet your first thought is…. “How?” The short answer is through four shifts in your mindset habits.

  1. Fulfillment Emerges Out Of A Solid Foundation: It starts with identifying your Defining Values (Guidelines for your career journey. What you hold most dear.), your Heart’s Purpose (Passions and strengths.), and Activating Vision (Hoped for, fulfilling career outcome). You see, without your career grounded in this knowledge of yourself, your journey to achieve your career end game will be unsatisfactory. Haven’t identified these points in your profession as yet? Then, check out my ThriveWithWork 26th Podcast … https://thrivewithnancy.buzzsprout.com/ … entitled: “Three TouchPoints For Success.
  1. Identify Your White Space: Once you know what matters and energizes you, finding productivity gaps in your company is relatively easy. It is spotting failures in your organization’s processes and taking them on, but only in areas that have you looking forward to coming to work daily. After all, why would you voluntarily put time and attention into drudgery undertakings? Search deep to locate those system breaks that align with your values, tap into your passions and strengths, and open doors to your envisioned future.
  1. Continuity With Change: Now that you have clarity regarding yourself and opportunities in your company with your name on it, take control. Research reveals that employees with an internal locus of control (those believing they are the difference-makers) reported higher job satisfaction when compared to employees with an external locus of control (those judging others possess the power). To increase your chance of attaining job satisfaction breakthrough, begin mapping out your action plan and then tracking your progress weekly.  
  1. Line Up Your Team: No one ever makes it to the top alone. Do you have strong supporters committed to your talents and gifts becoming more influential in your organization? They will be sounding boards for you to bounce ideas and career directions off. They will be your unpaid public relations agency helping you become noticed as a stand-out. They speak positively about you and your contribution when you’re not present.

Ultimately, you have to become the driving force in your career through grit and determination—that is, if you want to arrive at a fulfilling destination!

Transform your career outcomes through two leadership commitments you can take on right now:

First Belief:           “I control my career and life and have all the tools to do so!”

Second Belief:       “Tumultuous times and barriers are nothing more than learning and strengthening opportunities!”

I hope you now see the power and possibility for you to “4 Life Lessons To Light The Flame of Your Future no matter what you face.


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