Nancy Fredericks

Women's Rules of Engagement

An online program designed for you, an executive woman, to propel
your career forward, gain influence, boost recognition, and
achieve greater financial success.


Facilitated By...

One of the most experienced women thought leaders today – Nancy Fredericks – known for generating insightful, content-rich dialogue for career-changing breakthroughs.

Continuous growth is essential for you to thrive, so I created Women’s Rules of Engagement. It’s a robust leadership program that is financially accessible for those committed to expanding their career.

Are you a woman working harder, longer hours, and dedicating more of yourself to the job? That IS NOT THE ANSWER.

It leaves you feeling drained, burnt out, and unappreciated!

Are your career needs not currently being met with the conversations at work with your senior management team, human resources, and peers. If you’re ready to unlock the success factors, there is an easier way to experience the recognition, influence, and career you deserve.

That’s precisely what Women’s Rules of Engagement Online Program at $497 is all about!

It’s time to crack the code and give you all the secrets, exact steps, and support to excel to the next level with LESS WORK. You will know, understand, and tap into the Rules of Engagement daily to leap out of the trenches into all you’ve been longing to achieve.

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The program is created by one of the most experienced women’s thought leaders today—Nancy Fredericks—specifically for women interested in GETTING MORE WITH LESS.

What to Expect:

When you invest in Women’s Rules of Engagement, you can expect to:

    • Design a roadmap for your career success that is personally and professionally satisfying rather than based entirely on your company’s requirements.
    • Build a career foundation that has you working and growing your future from your passions and strengths, not simply your expertise alone.
    • Discover, harness, and employ your natural feminine genius with confidence.
    • Expand and leverage relationship networks that will enhance your leadership with integrity.
    • Acquire the secrets to TimeShifting principles that put more meaning back into your calendar.

    Haven’t you already discovered that you need to take control of your career development because no one is as vested in your success as you are? Haven’t you realized your voice and desires are a critical component to bring about the career of your dreams?

    There's more...

    • Inspire staff to commit to higher levels of performance.
    • Pinpoint your Golden Touch a surprising aspect for organizational achievements.
    • Gain insight to take advantage of the White Space during corporate growth spurts or change.
    • Extend your Communication skills to include Receiver Centric awareness.

    Also Included:

    It’s upping the ante on your career prospects as you uncover all the untold secrets through:

    • 8 Strategic Video Modules (to work through at your own pace) creates breakthroughs for women to be more powerful, effective, influential, and fulfilled.
    • Also, 8 Downloadable Audios for on-the-go
    • Direct access to Nancy by email with any questions or schedule a coaching call.
    • PLUS – Additional videos, eBooks, Podcasts, articles, and so much more.

    You’ll finally own the confidence and clarity you’ve been looking for to face anything and everything your career throws at you. Are you ready to make the changes that will have you directing the course of your career and becoming the difference-maker at your organization? Are you willing to shift outside your comfort zone to gain momentum to boost your career trajectory, but you don’t know how?

    Are you prepared to shift outside your comfort zone and gain the momentum indispensable to boosting your career trajectory?

    Ready… set… join. Imagine all of this for $497. It’s packed with practical, workable solutions that will transform the outcomes you achieve—ones you’ll realize. All one click away… join now.

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    Just a few women speaking out…

    (Ask if you’re interested in seeing additional endorsements)

    “The biggest of the self-discoveries was realizing for the first time how much influence I have, how to effectively leverage that influence and how doing so created opportunities for me and also for my company. I have finally hit my stride at work and feel engaged at a whole new level. I highly recommend you hire Nancy if you’re looking to create massive change in your organization.”

    “My company just announced a massive layoff. I told Nancy that I thought I was safe, but I wouldn’t know for several weeks what they have planned for me. It looks like more status quo in my future with little career growth or stretch. “Is there any areas that would be growth for you, add value to your company and that would interest you?” Nancy asked. By the end of the call, I had designed a plan of action that has me excited. I never realized how much influence I have and how much my company needs me to be engaged in all aspects of change—even ideas for my future!”

    Assistant Vice President, Insurance

    “For the second time in a year, my company is being acquired. With Nancy’s support, training and wisdom, I now look forward to going into work and feel engaged at a whole new level. I am able to navigate the changing business environment while focusing on my continued career development, because of Nancy’s coaching. Implement Nancy’s advice and it will transform your life and your business.”

    Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

    P.S. Get Your Free Branding Report,
    whether you’re ready to enroll or not, simply CLICK HERE.